Yul Edochie Blames Hunger and Poverty as Causes of Ritual Killings

Yul Edochie Blows Hot as he Addresses all Who Affirms Nollywood Promotes Ritual Killing in Nigeria

Veteran actor Yul Edochie took to his Instagram page in the late hours of Thursday to address claims by most Nigerians professing that Nollywood promotes ritualism in the country.

The actor briefly explained the causes of ritual killings blaming poverty and hunger for such practice by some individuals.

Yul Edochie while giving reasons Nollywood make movies relating to ritual, says Nollywood is only showing what happens in the society.

He also urged government to fix the country so as to reduce crimes among the masses.

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He further added, “frustrated people use sniper to commit suicide. The remedy is to fix the reason for the frustration not to ban sniper”.

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